The Place, An Iconic Seasonal Seafood Party


We hadn’t been to The Place in years, but nothing has changed at this iconic Guilford restaurant since 1971, and that’s the charm. They’ve extended the giant fire pit to 18 feet and added a few tables, but that’s it.  Here’s the deal (because one must plan ahead): The menu is seafood, chicken, and steak grilled over an open fire: roasted fresh clams, lobster steamed then roasted, steamers, shrimp, catfish, bluefish, and sweet grilled corn. If you want other sides or starters, you are welcome to bring it along. Soft drinks are available, but BYOB. Seating is on tree stumps, plates are paper, and utensils are wooden picks (you should bring those, too). But it’s one big happy party, and there is nothing like roasted seafood with that wonderful smokey flavor. 

We went for lunch, but in the evening it’s a festive communal cookout. Groups gather with tablecloths, candles, wine glasses, and cheese plates. If you’ve never been, you must. It’s an institution, and rightly so. As the owners say: “There’s no place quite like this place, anywhere near this place, so this must be The Place.”

Good to know: Cash and check only. ATM on site.