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August 8, 2012
Fun / Outdoors / Thimble Islands Cruise

Thimble Islands Cruise

From quarrying its famous pink granite, to bootlegging and hiding Captain Kidd’s treasure, the archipelago known as the Thimble Islands has served a range of uses laced with mysterious lore. And the best location to hear all about it is the upper deck of the 44-foot Carman boat Sea Mist as Captain Mike takes you on an hour-long narrated tour of the 25 inhabited islands that glisten silver and pink in the sun after being carved by ice age glaciers eons ago.
Learn the unusual stories behind Money Island, the house on stilts, Mother-in-Law Island, and the island cut-in-two, while taking in the breath-taking panoramic view. Head to the lower deck for a $5 Captain Kidd’s Rum Punch mixed by First Mate George at the Mermaid Bar. Wine, beer, and bottled water also for sale. Adults $13, Seniors $12, and Children 12 & under $6 (cash only). Currently departs quarter past the hour 10:15am-4:15pm daily, closed Tuesdays. Sailings through October.

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