Whitecrest Eatery at The Velvet Mill in Stonington


The word is out. There’s a spanking new restaurant in Stonington’s Velvet Mill!

A darling husband and wife pair of industrious 26-year-olds, Johan Jensen and Abbey Hemmann, quietly slid open the barn doors of Whitecrest Eatery in July so that they could work out the kinks before the big reveal. The duo met on Cape Cod years ago while Abbey worked as a Nanny for a restauranteur and Johan (hailing from Denmark) worked in the restaurant. They were married on the shores of White Crest Beach in Wellfleet, hence the bistro’s namesake. They discovered the ready-to-go space back here in Abbey’s native CT and gave it a go.

They’ve done a beautiful job of executing a simple but tasty menu of bistro delights like Soeltl Farm steak frites, local burgers, bratwurst, schnitzel. But they don’t stop there. I settled in for a leisurely lunch last week and feasted on a Kale Ceaser made from  tender, local kale with loads of Pecorino topped with crispy, buttery sourdough. Next course was a cozy Stone Acres Farm mini Butternut Squash drizzled with honey-butter and lemon then dotted with smoked Ricotta, red pepper flakes, and sage.

I couldn’t resist the sandwich portion of the menu so I ordered a Cubano to go but not before sampling a few bites of it’s smoked Pork Belly, zesty yellow mustard, Swiss cheese, and pickles between toasted sourdough. Oh, and the most perfectly cut House Fries with horseradish aioli. Abby sent me on my way with dessert – rich and creamy chocolate mousse with berries. Knowing that I’d soon be dreaming of this tasty new eatery, I promised to return asap with the little vintage teacup it came in. 

Closed Mondays and Tuesday

In the Velvet Mill – right next to Beer’d.

22 Bayview Avenue in Stonington


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