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An Excruciatingly Opinionated Guide to the Shoreline

May 18, 2022
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5/17/2022, The Yummy List: Family Dinner, Empanadas, Ramen & Ice Cream Cake


Hi everyone, Doesn’t it seem like all we do is eat?? This list especially had an exceptionally high caloric intake! We are thrilled that so many new yummy spots are popping up, but it’s taking a toll, especially with swimsuit season fast approaching (yikes!). So yes, we talk about food quite a bit over here. When we’re not, we’re discussing how we’re absolutely dieting this week (Monday AGAIN) and not having a cocktail ’til the weekend. Sound familiar? But who cares about us; we’re indulging for the public good. Enjoy this round-up of deliciousness!

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