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June 23, 2022
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6/14/2022, Local Glamping, A Farm Cafe, Summer Cocktails & Flowers

local glamping in moodus


We are thrilled with the response we’ve received to our first magazine, The E List Guide to Summer. Thanks for all the emails and encouragement! It was a BIG project, and we’re pretty happy about it because it’s something we’ve had on the back burner for years.

Some of you have asked for a print edition. I’m testing a short run of print, but we did not create it to be a hard copy. Because it was conceived as digital, the huge advantage (besides being free!) is that you can click on any ad or article link for more information, so click away! You can also download it to your desktop or phone to easily access any time. If you’d like to order a hard copy, email me here, but be advised that it’s about $25 for color printing with shipping (yikes)!

If you haven’t seen it yet, click below (and share with your friends!).
Love, Erica

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