640 Massage Therapies; A Select Team of Expert Practitioners in Westbrook


In the spirit of healthy living, I signed up to experience a handful of treatments at a Saturday Sampler event at 640 Massage in the center of Westbrook. My glorious evening went like this: I tucked into a cozy massage table in a candlelit room and was treated (with kid gloves) to roughly one hour of various services. Starting with a soothing massage from Shelby, who addressed my trouble areas (lumbar!). Next Esthetician and Manager, Andrea gave me a relaxing treatment known as a “hand peel” – a treatment typically done on the face but sampled on the hands. Tom followed to practice some much-needed cupping, a therapy that uses suction and is “known to increase blood flow to skin and muscles and drain excess fluids and toxins”. Elif, a certified Reiki Master and hypnotist then provided a short guided meditation and reiki session with tuning forks. This indulgent-feeling (yet well-deserved!) hour ended with a relaxing micro Acupuncture session with Dr. K. Bradley Lenz, a nationally certified acupuncturist, trained in Classical Chinese Medicine, who knows his stuff.

I floated out of there, left with one dilemma: which treatment to book next and with whom!? Although I plan to return to try them all, I was back a week later for an (exceptional) hour-long Deep Tissue with Tom. Through the miracle of cupping and his anatomy expertise, my back feels better than it has in months. Based on the comments from clients emerging from treatments by the rest of the roster, it’s not likely you’ll go wrong here!

​640 Massage Therapies, nestled in the center of  Westbrook, is named for the 640 muscles in the body. Tabatha Black, Owner and Licensed Massage Therapist, and her team are trained in human anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. The studio is now gearing up for an expansion this Spring to include facials and various other services. Stay tuned for more details.

And luckily, there’s another Sampler Saturday on the calendar! Call to sign up for the March 11th event at 640 Massage Therapies. You won’t want to miss this one. 860-399-0667

16 CT-153, Westbrook