Returning to Yoga at Red Barn, Lyme


There was a time BC (before COVID) when a crew of us met up at Red Barn Yoga at least twice a week. Not only was it a fun yogi community, but I was in the best shape of my older adult life. Side-lined by COVID and a spinal fusion, I started doing short yoga sessions at home with the Peloton App (Chelsea is my favorite instructor), and I finally felt ready to return to the studio.

I’ve taken two classes with Ann Redfield, Beginner Yoga and Flow FUNdamentals, and they were just my speed (no more Crow or Chaturanga for me!). Ann is a highly experienced yogi with a sweet sense of humor and keeps a watchful eye on her students. While the class is not overly challenging, she offers plenty of modifications if a pose is out of your reach.

The yoga barn in Lyme is a spectacular spot to get your zen on. The last class I attended was just after a snowstorm. As I stood in Tree Pose gazing out the window at a magical wintry view, all became right with the world.

Good to know: Classes are offered at every level. This is also the home of Best Buds Flower Farm, which offers activities and classes year-round.