Stretch and Strengthen with Barre & Bands at Privé Swiss Fitness, Ivoryton


My pre-COVID yoga crew and I used to refer to our Sunday morning yoga sessions as going to church, but Privé Swiss Fitness in Ivoryton is housed in the real thing. This stunning and airy space (complete with stained glass) offers all manner of fitness classes and is also well known for providing some of the best Pilates classes on the Shoreline. 

Here, I decided to try Bands and Barre with Susan Kaempf. The class offers the perfect balance of strength and stretch, with various band weights to choose from (I grabbed the lightest) for a half hour of high repetition, low impact resistance training. Next up, half an hour at the barre with a combo of plies, leg extensions, and isometric movements designed to build strength and flexibility. Then, back onto the floor for a stretch and cool down. All of this is accomplished with a high-energy music mix that makes the class fly by. I loved it and will definitely be back next Tuesday morning at 8am. 

Find out more and see the schedule here:

Good to know: you can book an infra-red sauna after class.