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August 23, 2022
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8/23/2022, A Landmark Solar Hotel, Tiny Tavern & Van Gogh Plus Best White Shirts

hotel marcel

Thanks to too many years in the fashion industry, my daughter always thought it was a magic trick that I would know what she wanted to wear for the coming season before she did. For back-to-school, I’d put together a Pinterest board of possible styles. I know what looks good on her, and she believes me. Sort of like an adult pursuit of playing paper dolls, and I still love to do it (and at 27 years old, she still listens)! She’s developed her own style over the years; she’s lots more colorful than I am, but we still share clothes (ahem, she shares mine…). Everybody seems to get confused about transition, and this year I think an updated classic white shirt is an easy base for a pair of slim boot cut jeans, loafers, and a cardigan. I’ve included my picks here.
Love, Erica

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