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An Excruciatingly Opinionated Guide to the Shoreline

September 6, 2022
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9/6/2022, Fall Things to Do, Antiques and Organizing

nora murphy

As always, I’ve packed the last few moments before Labor Day with as much fun as possible. Enjoyed a breath-taking sunset celebrating a friend’s birthday on Seabird, a 6-person picnic boat out of Old Saybrook, and there’s still time to book yours. You may also get a glimpse of the annual swallow murmuration (see P.S. below for the link). And I squeezed in a few more beach days (since every day this August was perfectly sunny, but I’m thankful we’re finally getting some rain!). Now it’s time to get back to routine, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over. We’ve rounded up a slew of fall things to do, plus how to manage all that paper that accumulates in September, and a brilliant new shop in Chester.

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