A Boulangerie on Beaver Brook in Lyme


If your baking skills are as sad as mine, you’d be smart to place an order with Beaver Brook Bakery. A husband and wife team has turned a life-long passion into a thriving cottage business that is keeping those in the know well-fed.

Right now, just about any carb sounds excellent to me, so I had a bit of trouble narrowing down my order. I came away with a couple of authentic chocolate croissants (27 layers of European butter dough), a hearty loaf of cranberry pecan bread that makes the most excellent toast, a classic blueberry pie with a tasty crust that I nibbled at every kitchen pass, and my personal favorite, two “everything” ficelles that need just a slather of butter for a pleasing snack.

There’s plenty more on the menu, and I imagine I’ll make my way through it in the coming weeks: cupcakes, rugelach, bialys and sticky buns, rustic sourdough, pecan pie and corn off the cob muffins. All so damn tempting!

The Bakery prides itself on using only the best ingredients: European butter, organic rye starter, organic flour, and that ridiculous Callebaut Belgian chocolate. These two are VERY serious about bread!

Check out the menu here. Place your order by Wednesday at 6 pm. Pickup is Saturday from 10 am – 2 pm at the drive-thru, hands-free bakery.

4 Beaver Brook Road in Lyme. The house is on the corner of Beaver Brook and 156. Drive up Beaver Brook and take your first left down the driveway. You’ll see the tent; your goods will have your name on them. Prepay by credit card or leave a check in the cashbox.
Lots of info and can be found on their facebook page:

Beaver Brook Bakery