Let Cooked Do the Cooking, Centerbrook


Thirty-plus years of cooking later, and I’m mainly done with it. So I’ve been waiting impatiently for Cooked Marketplace and Mercantile to open and raced over on the first day. This gleaming space in the old Bennie’s location in Centerbrook is, frankly, fantastic.

Think all manner of takeout from perfectly seasoned rotisserie chicken to prawn or swordfish skewers, cases of tasty to-go meals, Honey Cone ice cream pints, fresh salads of all manner, and, of course, an homage to Bennie’s famous sandwiches, a glistening roasted beef! Ashlawn Farm Coffee, that crazy bread from G Bakery in New Haven, and lots of fun and interesting (and not to be found around here) gourmet products. I was practically shouting with glee. Helmed by a pair of well-trained and experienced cooks, with a full staff chopping, dicing, and roasting away in the kitchen, this will be my new go-to for all things edible (and fab foodie gifts, too).

5 Main Street, Centerbrook

Find out more here: cookedmarketplace.com