A Few Food Trucks


We did a run down of food trucks back in 2013, and while a bunch of the originals are still trolling the Shoreline, there are tons of new ones.

If you happen across any of the trucks below, get in line:

Bowl’d Creations

This truck is famous for their colorful and healthy acai bowls, and when they make an appearance at my local Lyme Farmers’ market, I run right over for a Playa Pitaya, a yummy blend of pitaya, mango, pineapple, banana, coconut water and apple juice topped with kiwi, gojis, coconut and granola. It’s like having ice cream for breakfast but so much healthier!


acai bowl

Pierogie’s on Wheels

Is there anything better than mashed potatoes stuffed into a dumpling and sautéed in butter? No. There. Is. Not. If you come upon this truck, manned by a Polish mother/daughter team, get  in line (and there will be one). These are delicate and elegant pierogies, quite unlike the supermarket variety you may be used to. Welcome to the magical world of pierogies (their tag line!).


peirogi truck

Tipsy Cones, the Grown Up Ice Cream Truck

Just happening upon Tipsy Cones seemed like a good enough reason to have a cocktail in the afternoon.  What I didn’t know at the time was the alcohol mostly burns off during the cooking and freezing process. Regardless, I had a tough choice between flavors like Mint Chocolate Nip (schnapps ice cream with chocolate bits), Mississippi Mudslide (mocha ice cream with chocolate cookie crumbles, roasted nuts and a dash of Kahlua and bourbon), and Mexican Coffee, a mocha cinnamon ice cream with Kahlua and cayenne! I finally opted for the dairy free Peachy Bellini, a super refreshing blend of peach sorbet and champagne. And here’s the good news, they cater, too.


tipsy cones

Popcentric, Artisanal Ice Pops

According to Popcentric, popsicles are the new cupcake, and I’m all for it! Another fabulous frozen treat, Popcentric features organic ingredients, natural flavors and no refined sugars, to create imaginative combinations like Watermelon Jalapeño, Key Lime Coconut and Goat Cheese, Fig & Honey. Grown ups can choose from a list of interesting “Boozy Pops” like Creamy Margarita and a French 75. This is one mom’s genius idea and you’ll find the cart at farmers’ markets and festivals. Or head to 55 State Street in North Haven for their newly opened popsicle shop.


pop centric