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August 21, 2023
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A Return to Marker 37, Chester


When Marker 37 opened two years ago in the middle of a Covid summer, we were thrilled to get out and enjoy a burger and one of the best views of the CT River. On a return trip this summer, that incredible vista is matched with a broader and better menu and swift and attentive service. We had a high time at lunch on a gorgeous day; the house was packed, and the outdoor dining area is covered, crucial on a hot afternoon. We indulged in a languid lunch of veggie Thai egg rolls, a crispy chicken Milanese (I know, I know, I love a Milanese) with a lemony caper butter sauce, a fresh arugula salad, sweet cherry tomatoes, and bocconcini. Laura had Salmon Picatta, perfectly prepared with a side of whipped potatoes and grilled summer squash.

And for dessert? We shared a frozen Mudslide because, well, why not? We’re squeezing every bit of joy out of this summer, and that was one fun lunch.

Good to know: Dock and dine services at Chester Point Marina.

In case you missed it, here’s a bit about our last visit to Marker 37.


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