A Talented Team Takes Over at Deep River Jewelry Design


A young and highly talented crew has taken the reigns at Deep River Jewelry Design, and I stopped in to see what’s what. Nolan Sponslor, one of the new owners and goldsmiths, showed me around the shop and the studio, and I encourage you to stop by and see for yourself. This is NOT your average jewelry store! Trained under the only Master Craftsman at Tiffany and Co., Nolan’s approach to gems is creating masterpieces with an emphasis on fine settings and custom creations. Using techniques like Azure Backs and Micro Pave (applied only by the top jewelry shops), the pieces are heirloom worthy! Nolan will also deconstruct the jewelry gathering dust in your drawer and work with you to create something new, like this Micro Pave diamond pendant below (the second picture is what the back looks like). He believes a piece should look beautiful from every angle and his enthusiasm and talent for his craft is obvious. His partner, Saph Brooks, carves elaborate wax models (including this Frog Prince), then casts them in gold or silver with or without gemstones. Seeing this young team applying the finest techniques to modern jewels is fascinating. Custom wedding and engagement rings are a specialty. If you’re looking for something extra special, this is the place.

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All Photos by Deep River Jewelry Design

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