A Time for Heightened Addiction and Trauma Issues – Don’t Go It Alone


Privé Swiss has a team of excellent health and wellness providers who we’ve turned to for some words of wisdom during this trying time.

A Time for Heightened Addiction and Trauma Issues-Don’t Go It Alone, by Joanna Crowell, Licensed Therapist, Substance Abuse, Addiction and Trauma Specialist

The mental health landscape will be changing for many of us in the coming days and weeks. Those of us who are used to a certain level of social interaction will find ourselves without that connection. Many of us will experience an increase in alcohol and/or drug use.  Some people will experience an exacerbation of anxiety or trauma symptoms, especially those of us who are already prone to these issues.

We are witnessing a level of fear, frustration and anger that can be unsettling.  The media can provide helpful information, but it can also produce misinformation which leaves us feeling taxed, overwhelmed and confused about our current situation. If you suffer from PTSD you may notice that your symptoms are worsening.  Some of us will try to escape these feelings with an increase in substance use.

This is a time when social distancing is encouraged so it is important to feel connected to one another.  I encourage the use of Skype, Facetime and our media outlets to connect with friends and family. There are virtual online AA and NA meetings and phone line meetings.  It is important to get enough sleep and exercise. It is important to take care of ourselves.

A licensed professional counselor and/or a licensed alcohol and drug counselor can help people eliminate or control troubling symptoms so that they can function better and increase a feeling of wellbeing and emotional stability. If you are experiencing negative anxiety symptoms or an increase in substance use, this is a very good time to engage in therapy.  Emotional and physical self care can help us manage the disruption that this virus is causing in our lives. Through talk therapy you can work together with a professional to unpack your thoughts and feelings and restructure them to help you feel more stable and calm in this changing landscape.





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