Apple Watch


I justify my addiction to all things Apple because, hey, I’m in the digital industry! From my iPhone 6 to my Macbook air, I’m pretty well kitted out. But then came The Watch. I tried to ignore it. After all, I don’t even WEAR a watch anymore (do you??). I read an article or two. And then I had to go see for myself. Be forewarned, you must make an appointment to actually try on “the watch.” The day I turned up at the New Haven Apple Store, it wasn’t busy and I ogled the case of watches for a mere ten minutes before I could get my paws on one. They call those Apple sales folks geniuses for a reason. It’s oh-so-easy to be seduced in a one-on-one session (and they’ll even offer to take your picture–voila!) After pulling out the tray and choosing the style (white sport band for me), my genius explained the benefits. Sure, you can make like 007 and talk on the thing, but what I liked best is that you can lose your Fit Bit. The watch keeps track of physical activity, your heart rate, and will even tell you to get up and get moving if you’ve been sitting around for too long (moi!). The GPS will be handy for hands-on-the-wheel driving, quick texts are pre-programmed (hey, I’ll call you back later), you can keep an eye on the weather, your calendar and your to-do list, and even take a better selfie (you can control your iphone’s camera through your watch). The rubber sports strap felt light and cool on the wrist (I preferred it to the leather or metal bands). The verdict? I couldn’t help myself. Delivering in June. Oh, yes, and it tells time, too.









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