Azuluna Foods: Chef Made Healthy Meals Sourced From Local Farms Delivered To Your Doorstep!


New healthy food delivery services are the next wave here in Connecticut. I love to eat out as much (or more than anyone) and am looking forward to enjoying my favorite restaurants again, but a year of cooking at home has done me in. Still, I want to stick to a clean diet during the week. Azuluna to the rescue!

This exciting CT-based dinner delivery service is one-of-a-kind. Real chefs trained at Johnson & Wales, sourced from local farms, scratch-cooked, and delivered to your door to heat and serve or freeze for later. I received a box filled with all sorts of delishness and was bowled over by the quality of these prepared meals.

Available as a subscription or a one-time order (much easier than starting/pausing/canceling, which I’ve done with every other service). The dishes come in eco-conscious, BPA-free packaging and can be microwaved or baked (I baked). You choose from three menus: traditional, paleo, soups and stews, or traditional AND paleo mix.

All the entrees I enjoyed were gluten-free friendly, soy-free, carb-controlled, and ranged from 440 to 650 calories. Each shipment comes with eight dinners (4 meals, two of each). And EVERYTHING was absolutely yummy. My favorite might have been the gluten-free chicken pot pie: pasture-raised chunks of chicken in a house-made veloute with mirepoix and peas, topped with a flaky gluten-free crust and served with crisp broccoli florets. A FAR cry from the frozen pies of my youth.

The maple glazed salmon features a licking of New England maple syrup atop coconut sweet potatoes, braised red cabbage, and greens. I was sad when it was over! Chicken Tikka with roasted veggies and spiced broccoli logged in at a reasonable 440 calories. I’m not sure how they do it, but the accompanying cauliflower rice, usually a mushy mess, had the texture of actual rice, a neat trick.

The ingredient lists have absolutely nothing on it that you won’t recognize, simply a protein, veggies, olive oil or butter, and spices.

Whether you just need a week or three off cooking or are having trouble sticking to your Paleo plan, you should give this service a go.

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$120 for eight dinners.

$20 OFF your first order for E List readers! Use code: elist20

Photos by Azuluna Foods