Birdies! Comfy AND Cute!


What happened to my feet? Weirdly, the bottoms of my feet hurt, so I can no longer happily pad around barefoot! My go-to at home are the insanely comfortable (and washable) wool and rubber Allbirds slip-ons. But besides a run to the grocery store, they look a bit too much like slippers for all-day frolicking. I’ve been on the hunt for a slightly more glam version, and I think I’ve found them. Birdies! This slipper shoe has a rubber bottom and “seven-layer comfort technology,” including memory foam and arch and heel support. And, man, are they comfy! The black velvet Starling pair ($95) is a take on a smoking slipper, but I fully intend to sport these with jeans or an evening frock. Fun printed and poufed party slides available, too.

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