Bombas Socks


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My daughter is adamantly opposed to my ankle length sports socks. Apparently one must sport socks that don’t show above one’s sneaker. Who knew? Of course, once she mentioned it, all my socks looked all wrong. Bombas to the rescue. You may have seen these babies around, but here’s what’s so great about them. Yes, they have a cushy sole (some even have sticky non-slip treads!), they stay firmly beneath your ankle bone and do not slip down your sneaker (oh, the horror), but the best thing about Bombas is they give a pair to a homeless shelter for every pair purchased. I didn’t know, and you might not either, but socks are the number one requested item at homeless shelters. Bombas come in various lengths and patterns for men and women (even some sweet ski numbers) but I’m replacing my sports socks with a drawerful: if you buy an eight-pack you get 20% off and someone out there in our cold, hard world will have cozy tootsies, too. Nice.

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