Lisa’s Bike & Bootcamp Studio


A workout not for the light of heart! Bootcamp at Lisa’s is an intense hour of interval training that will leave you whipped and sweaty—but the time flies, probably because you don’t have a second to think.

I arrived for a Friday night class a little early, the large studio pulsing with ecstatic music as an enticing spin class wrapped up. Led by instructor Jennifer Vincent, eight other boot campers and I began with a jumprope, pushup, and air squat warm-up. Then we dove straight into 5 sets of intervals—kettlebell combo moves, box jump burpees, pushups on a medicine ball, hanging reverse crunches, and sit-ups. Ladder-style, we stayed at each station for 30 seconds, then did a 60-second round, then 90, back to 60, then 30. In between each round, we did a tabata set of high-knees, burpees, jumping air squats, and planks, followed by a quick rest and water break.

The vibe at Lisa’s is unique, fierce, and tight-knit, ideal for competitive athletes and those who thrive on a good team. It’s not a gym where just anyone walks in, nor is it a place where someone can pay for a membership and never walk in. Lisa, the studio owner, knows each and every one of her clients. She holds them accountable for the commitment they make to the studio, and she makes the commitment right back.

Lisas Bootcamp2 Lisas Bootcamp3

Classes: Bootcamp, bike, on/off bike, kickboxing, Underground Extreme, kids classes

Schedule: Several Monday through Friday, from 4:30am to 7:30pm. 3-4 morning classes on weekends.

Atmosphere: Industrial. 2 bathrooms and a shower.

Price: Drop-in for bootcamp or bike $25. Packages for bootcamp start at $190 for 1 month unlimited. Bootcamp & bike packages start at $240 for 1 month unlimited; same price for 10-class card. Packages for bike start at $145 for 1 month unlimited; same price for 10-class card. 10-class card for Underground Extreme (30 minutes) $150. 10-class card for 30-minute burst $125. Drop-in for kids classes $15.

Extras: First class is free. Outdoor and beach classes when weather permits.