Lug soles, platforms, combat or cozy? Even slouchy, knee-hi kitten heels are making a comeback. I’m liking the look of a more feminine boot but they don’t really suit my “Green Acres” lifestyle! If you’re in the market for new boots this year there is something for everyone!

1. Cowboy makes a comeback: $148

2.  My mother had these in the 70’s. Love them:   $228

3. My pick for dress-up:  $228

4. Bulletproof exploded lug sole in a slew of colors: $99.95

5. A refined lug sole with padded footbed:  $198

6. The faux shearling-lined sneaker boot from Robertson Madison: $140

7. Classic Chelsea: $169.95–$170

8. Super comfy, waterproof, and a bit of a heel. These are now in my closet: $189.95

9. Wear your slippers everywhere: $178

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links which means we will get paid a very small amount of money if you choose to purchase one of the items. It does not change the price for you.