Canned Cocktails


Years back, when the spiked seltzer craze began, we sampled each and every brand from Truly to White Claw. Nowadays, dozens of varieties of clear malt beverages and piles of slick, illustrated cans of beer line your local package store’s cooler. In between, we’ve spotted a few creative and tasty cocktail options to take along to the beach, pool or boat.

Here are some of our favorites available locally:

Svedka Strawberry Elderflower Spiked Seltzer – An elevated spiked seltzer with a punch of strawberry and elderflower.

Pampelonne Blood Orange Spritz – Sparkling French wine with Blood Orange juice, Kaffir Lime and Cinchona Bitters.

House Wine Rose Bubbles – An effervescent, bright and citrusy rose.

Henry’s Spiked Lemon/Lime Sparkling Water – Fizzy water with a hint of lemon zest and lime containing the same alcohol content as a beer but with only 88 calories and 1.7g of carbs.

Fabrizia’s Italian Margarita – A handcrafted cocktail made with a blend of Limoncello, lemonade, and Tequila.

P.S. The straws are made from paper and biodegradable.