CBD Massage: Myth or Miracle?


I’ve heard so much about CBD and its efficacy in treating all manner of ills, from arthritis to anxiety and inflammation (and who doesn’t have one or all of those?) that my interest was piqued enough to give it a go. I bought the body cream and couldn’t quite tell if it worked or not (sort of like the first time I got stoned in high school!), but I thought a massage would definitely do the trick.  I made an appointment at Wild Honey in Chester for their one hour CBD massage, and on the appointed day I came down with a plague! Yes, the FLU! Or something equally awful. I sent over lucky Laurence, the new manager of our shop (after checking in a boutique worth of clothing, she could use it), and got the lowdown from her.

For those living under a rock, CBD (short for Cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring compound in the cannabis plant. It does not contain THC so you won’t get high, but you will receive the therapeutic properties of the substance. The massage can be a simple and relaxing indulgent hour or can be targeted for anxiety, insomnia or muscle inflammation. It’s particularly appealing to athletes or anyone who is feeling some sport-induced muscle soreness.

Jamie is an experienced practitioner and offers the option of aromatherapy (the CBD has little scent). The oil that she uses contains 150 mg of purified CBD per ounce, and she places a hot towel under your neck as she rubs the product into your shoulders and back. Laurence loved the massage, but, like that long ago first toke, she couldn’t quite tell if the sense of calm and relaxation afterward was due to CBD or spending an hour having a full body rub! She did mention that she came away a bit oily at the end, and Jamie suggests leaving the oil on the skin as long as possible for full therapeutic effect (so wear your sweats).

An hour-long CBD massage at Wild Honey is $110, a bit more than their Signature at $80.

159 Main Street in Chester