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December 2, 2015
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Chester Town Guide

Chester Town Guide

THE-E-LIST goes to Chester

Where to park in Chester:

Take exit 6 off Route 9 and head towards downtown (Right if RT9N, Left if RT9S). If you see a spot on the street in town, go for it!

There is a small lot on Water Street just before RJ Vickers’ Herbery on the right, directly across from First Niagara Bank. DO NOT park in the Water Street lot behind the 4 Water Street stone building unless you are hitting one of the shops in that building or The Wheatmarket, Jake’s or any of the businesses upstairs in their building. This lot is strictly private and only for patrons of those businesses.

There’s another lot just past OTTO on the left. It’s small and often full but worth a look. It’s just inside the entrance to the Laurel Hill Cemetery.

The best spot to park is at the Maple Street Lot, just up the hill from Maple + Main Gallery, on the left. Look for the Parking sign. It’s a large lot and there are usually plenty of spots. Short little walk to town.

chester parking

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