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April 5, 2021
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Classic Dinners Whipped Up and Delivered By Wynter’s Whisk

wynters whisk

I know I occasionally veer into hyperbole but believe me when I say Wynter’s Whisk’s salad could be the best I’ve ever had. More chopped veggies than greens, the massive pile included asparagus, peas, golden beets, pea shoots, pepitas, slivers of fennel, fresh corn, watermelon radish, sprinkled with sugared walnuts, blackberries, and a few lovely little hunks of brie tossed in. Just the sort of thing I would never make for myself (all that chopping) but would happily crunch every day of the week.

That’s not to say that the entree wasn’t delish, too, but I had to save it for the next night after having my fill of greens. In my opinion, nothing beats a chicken cutlet for dinner, pounded thin and crispy, this one served with slim slices of sautéed spuds and a side of tasty spinach. Again, a meal I could eat any night of the week. I slurped up a bowl of healthy and satisfying cauliflower soup for lunch, redolent of turmeric and coconut.

Wynter (which my Mac insists on auto-correcting to Winter) was classically trained at the French Culinary Institute. She prepares family-friendly meals in her chef’s kitchen in Madison and delivers from Branford to Old Saybrook. What I loved so much about the meals is that they are relatively simple dishes, made with top-notch ingredients, and she changes up the menu daily to satisfy both grown-ups and tots.

Also on offer are small gatherings, from dinner parties to bridal showers, gourmet picnics, and children’s culinary classes. Find out more about Wynter and see her weekly menu here.

Photo By Wynter’s Whisk


Photo By Wynter’s Whisk
Photo By Wynter’s Whisk

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