Cliff’s Quality Meats

I’m vaguely intimidated by a massive meat counter, so when we’re in need of a few New York Strips or a bacon-wrapped Filet, I send my husband. However, in the name of The E List, I marched right up to the butcher block counter (replete with giant saw) to check out Cliff’s ham. Cliff smokes his own, and as you can see by my inept photo, there’s plenty to choose from: bone-in, boneless spiral, big hams, little hams and ham steaks, all available with a container of proprietary glaze (mustard, brown sugar, maple syrup and apricot and peach preserves).
If you’re a fan of smoked meats, you needn’t stop at ham: Cliff experiments with everything, including chicken breasts, whole turkeys (or a whopping wing) and housemade kielbasa. Those in the know buy all their meat and coldcuts at Cliff’s, one of the last old-fashioned butcher shops on the Shoreline.