Cocktails To-Go in 2020


Canned cocktails, fizzy wine, and spiked seltzers have come a long way over the years. We have sampled more than our share this summer and here are just a half-dozen of our favorites.

Clockwise from the top

If you like hard seltzer with an organic, exotic flavor, try Highball Grapefruit Hibiscus Hard Seltzer

If you can’t stand the taste of “natural flavors” but love the taste of REAL fruit juice, try H2Roads Black Cherry Hard Seltzer

If you like a simple, clean Vodka Tonic with a hint of lime, try Beach Street Vodka

If you like a lower calorie (95!) wine spritzed with a little more sweetness, try Main & Vine Wine Spritzer with Blood Orange Mango

If you’d rather not muddle your own mint and enjoy a glass bottle, try Cayman Jack Cuban Mojito

If you like a fair amount of Tequila with a twist of grapefruit, try Cutwater Paloma Tequila


We bought ours at Chester Package Store and Shore Discount Liquors.