Essex Wellness Center


When Heidi Kunzli moved back to the Shoreline from Southern California, she had a hard time finding alternative wellness practitioners. She decided to open a center with many different experts under one roof, so that an individual struggling with, say, insomnia or chronic back pain could come in and have a host of different treatments available. Her vision is now The Essex Wellness Center. She’s gathered wellness professionals who can grapple with a multitude of ills, from eating disorders to anxiety and everything in between (Heidi is a licensed alcohol, drug and addiction counselor with twenty years experience). Experts in hypnosis for smoking cessation and mindfullness meditation share space with art therapists, life coaches and nutritionists. The Center itself bears little resemblance to a spa or clinic. Housed in an antique Federal on Main Street, the elegant space is decorated with leather sofas and oil paintings. You can pick and choose the therapies you’re interested in or Heidi can work with you to develop a completely customized wellness program. On the fitness end, Yoga, Tai Chi and personal training are offered in two studios around the corner. The small gym at Brewer’s Dauntless Marina is perfect for those who prefer a bit of privacy and what’s better than a workout with a water view?  Learn more at