Fall at Fringe, A New Vintage Shop in Clinton


There’s no denying that retail therapy is sometimes just what the doctor ordered, but with nothing to do and nowhere to go, it’s difficult to justify right now. The change of season is a powerful barometer for switching out your closet and adding a few new things. In my case, it’s just habit, if you count the abandoned shopping carts I’ve left online! If you’re itching for something new (or in this case, newish) but don’t want to break the bank, head over to Fringe, the vintage and consignment shop that just opened its doors in Clinton, where almost everything is between $10 and $20. Tidy racks of jeans, sweaters, jackets, tops, and blouses are hung by size, so it’s a breeze to find yours. The most expensive thing I spied was an on-trend and perfectly worn seventies-ish Coach bag for $30 (another good one was $20), while this cozy fleece coat will happily take you through the entire winter for a mere $16. A tweedy blazer is the transitional garment that goes equally well with jeans or a pajama bottom during your zoom calls; this barely worn baby was $15. A classic Madewell tote, which happens to look better with a bit of wear, was $15. Round off your fall purchases with a pair of jeans and a couple of tops, and you’re still well under $100. You’ll find shelves of gently worn boots, cozy scarves, and even some works by local jewelry designers. Talk about a capsule wardrobe! And saving the planet at the same time.

Owner Kara Fillion is enthusiastic and helpful and knows that turning her inventory is the key to keeping customers interested, hence the smart pricing. Let’s keep this budding entrepreneur in business.


27 East Main Street, Clinton

fringe clinton

fringe clinton