Find Local Meats, Cheese, Eggs and More at Sankow’s Beaver Brook Farm


If you’re heading to Beaver Brook Bakery, make sure to drive up the road a mile or so to Beaver Brook Farm. There you can stock up on everything from farm fresh eggs to spatchcocked chickens. The tiny farm store feels safe, and there was only one other customer when I stopped by last Saturday. You can easily wait outside and enjoy the farm view if you’d like to shop privately.
Their pesto is my go-to, and I grabbed a few containers, plus a couple of quarts of home-made chicken noodle soup (just in case someone in the household falls ill!), some delicious fresh ricotta that I’ve been noshing on straight from the container. I did buy one of their butterflied birds for the grill, and some lamb bolognese for the freezer. There’s a freezer stocked with lamb and a fridge filled with their award-winning cheeses. All I’ll need is a CSA of produce from Long Table Farm (also located on Beaver Brook Road!) this season, and my family will eat wonderfully and entirely locally.

139 Beaver Brook Road, Lyme. Open 7 days, 9 – 4pm. Call: 860.434.2843

Sankow's Beaver Brook Farm