Flanders Fish, A Classic Seafood Spot with an Updated Menu


We had our first lobster roll of the year at Flanders Fish Market. This classic spot is a go-to for their fresh fish market, but head out to the deck for a seafood feast. We started, of course, with clam fritters. This is not your average fried dough bomb; instead, bite into a crisp (non-greasy) crust to find tasty bits of clam wrapped in a slightly salty dough. Yum. The lobster rolls here are served deconstructed, which is a genius move. Hunks of lobster are bathed in a blend of warm butter and sherry, ready to be stuffed in a toasted brioche roll. The end result remains sturdy, not soggy, and ridiculously delish. We loved the mini lobster salad and crab cake sliders (we’ve always had a thing for mini food!). Eating light? Add shrimp, tuna, lobster, or salmon to a bevy of salads.

The menu is extensive (even for non-seafood eaters), and you can order any fish straight up, either fried, grilled, blackened, or broiled with a variety of housemade sauces. Summer entertaining? Catering, lobster bakes, and lobster rolls for a crowd, too.

22 Chesterfield Road, East Lyme


Read about their outpost, The Crescent Beach Stand, here: https://the-e-list.com/breakfast-at-the-beach-thanks-to-flanders-fish-market/

flanders fish market