A Perfect Summer Cocktail

The first and, sadly, only time I visited Venice, I wandered around in a stupor, mouth agape. The crumbling pallazo, the Fortuny Museum, the vaporetti, winding alleys, and water, water everywhere. I was smitten. But the food did not impress. Perhaps we didn’t know where to go, but for me, it was the least interesting thing about Venice. Then we stumbled into Harry’s Bar. Yes, I’m fully aware it’s a tourist trap. But their famous Bellini and fat strands of tagliardi lightly napped with pesto and the cheerful buzz of Italian was my Venetian moment. So much so, I insisted on returning the following day.
Of course, the drinks verged on $25 each, but we were paying with Euros (which don’t count until you get your credit card bill). I’ve tried to recreate that Bellini at home with no luck. You can imagine my glee, then, when I spied a canister of Cipriani Bellini Mix from Harry’s Bar at Fromage. Here is my (and possibly your) solution to the perfect summer cocktail. A few bottles of prosecco and a couple of cans of mix will make at least a dozen cocktails. (The 8.45 oz can says it makes three drinks, but easily serves six or more). You may be transported to Venice, at least for a moment, just as I was. At Fromage in Old Saybrook.