GCI Thinks Outside


Last year at an outdoor concert, I was plopped in my beach lounger behind a bevy of folks in those nifty chairs with the teeny table attached (not to mention the handy drink holder). In a fit of jealousy, I raced to Harris Outdoors for one of my own. No more craning my neck around a sea of legs for me! Little did I know that the company that makes those ingenious seats is based right here in Higganum. GCI has been making camping chairs and other outdoor necessities since 1996, and they’re known for innovation. From their enormously popular “Bleacher Back” to portable rockers and a shaded sun recliner, you’ll find a comfy seat for every tush. Head to Harris Outdoors in Old Saybrook (a good spot for all manner of gift for guys) for a wide selection and to see for yourself, or order online direct from GCI in Higganum. 

UPDATE: Harris Outdoors has a selection of GCI chairs but is out of stock on the one pictured.

Harris Outdoors