Get Fresh-Faced for the Holidays at Essex Dermatology


My dermatologist gave me some great advice recently, and I’ve been trying to follow it, which is to do a little bit often to keep your skin in good form. After a summer of too much sun, my face needed a reset, so I booked a deplaning and chemical peel with Kelly Church at Essex Dermatology. 

This hour-long treatment is not only indulgent and relaxing, but you come away with fresh, super moisturized, glowing skin. 

Here’s the scoop:

After analyzing and cleansing your skin to see how sensitive it is (and in my case, Kelly made quick work of a few blackheads), she deplanes to remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz. Next up, the chemical treatment that varies from lactic to glycolic, depending on your skin sensitivity. 

The peel softens fine lines and wrinkles, lightens hyperpigmentation, improves texture and tone, stimulates collagen production, and allows products to penetrate deeper into layers of skin. 

Next, Kelly neutralizes the peel and cleans the skin to prepare you for the best part: a soothing collagen copper hydrating mask and a blissful hand and arm massage. Covered with a lavender-scented blanket, she dims the lights, and you rest for 20 minutes. Not sure if it was the massage or the lavender, but it worked like a sedative, and I fell asleep! She then removes the mask with a lemon-infused hot towel and applies the finishing products: a toner, hydrating serum, eye cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen. 

I came away feeling refreshed and relaxed, and my skin was positively glowing. There’s no pain, no downtime, and at $95, I felt I got much more than my money’s worth. Plus, Kelly is a delight!

This treatment is recommended every 4 to 6 weeks (I’ll have to add that to my calendar). Book ahead, as Kelly gets busy this time of year. 

Call to book: (860) 767-9998

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