Get Holiday Ready Part 2


Get holiday ready with a little help. Here are some goodies from around the web to help you prepare your home for the onslaught. To see Get Holiday Ready, Part 1, click here. 

  1. Pine Bark Napkins – for a rustic cocktail party.

2. Driftwood Side Tables – love these.

3.  Lost and Found Striped Tablecloth from my best friend, Jamie Rosenthal’s collection for Anthropologie!

4. Cast Stone Pumpkin – for those of us who prefer an all white decor!

5. Hanging Cotton and Amaranth Arrangement – a stunning dried arrangement is a good idea.

6. Acrylic Toilet Paper Tower  – don’t leave your guests hanging!

7.  Damask Side Plate – damask, always a favorite.

8. Striped Hand Towel – never enough hand towels.

9.  Playable Art Coasters – good for a lull in the conversation.

10.  French Tapers – these are my absolute favorite candles, they burn forever and fit every candlestick.