Gumdrops & Lollipops, Niantic


If you’re the sort of parent, grandparent or auntie (yes, you, Billie), that likes nothing better than indulging the wee ones in your life, have I got news for you! Niantic’s beloved Gumdrops &  Lollipops is now a full-on, family-friendly restaurant. While daddy is cheerfully downing a cheeseburger on an artisanal bun, the kids might go for the onion ring wrapped hot dog (yup, I did!) and a root beer float. This place is a delightful throwback to 50’s style diners, complete with red naugahyde and malteds. The front of the shop is well-stocked with not-penny candy, the truffle counter is droolable, and all manner of ice cream (soft, hard and froyo) is available. Take home a sky high cream pie or special order from over fifty varieties. You and the kiddies will LOVE it here. After lunch, head straight out the back door to the beach. Aaaah, summer.