Hartford Denim Company + The Brothers Crisp


It’s not every day that you see folks making jeans from scratch. But in the Parkville section of Hartford, you do. At Hardenco (aka Hartford Denim Company), vintage sewing machines are humming in the spacious basement of an old factory on Bartholomew Street. Eleven styles are offered of unisex, impeccably assembled jeans with (get this) a lifetime guarantee. Visit the studio/showroom to test a handful of sturdy pairs. It’s worth a trip to see this earnest operation, wall to wall with vintage equipment (including a printing press for labels), furniture and fabric. Or shop online for a denim clutch, durable apron or a giant 1940’s inspired weekender bag. Jeans sell for $235. 


And then there are the shoes! Across the street, Joshua Westbrook and his team are hand-crafting the most gorgeous men’s leather moccasin-style shoes. The company name, “The Brothers Crisp” is an homage to the patron saints of shoemaking and the focus is to preserve the lost art. The look is classic with updated fabric details and uniquely-colored, dyed leather. You can shop available styles online. Shoes range from $258-$758. Follow them on FB for updates.



HARDENCO production studio
The Studio at Hartford Denim
Leather Aprons HARDENCO
Leather Aprons by Hartford Denim
Handcrafted leather boots at HARDENCO
Boots by Matthew O’Connor at Hartford Denim
Jeans in 11 Styles at HARDENCO
Shoemaking, Hartford CT
Shoemaking at The Brother’s Crisp
Shoemaking Hartford CT
In Production at The Brothers Crisp


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