A Marvelous Chocolate Merveilleux at Hen & Heifer


By Elizabeth Rubin

Classically trained pastry chef Whang Suh has been delighting the Shoreline with his on-point French pastries at his bakery, Hen & Heifer, since 2013. Where better to find a showstopper for a dinner party?

A visual feast that will indulge your every sense, his charming shop tucked behind Whitfield Street channels the finest of Parisian patisseries. But I needed some direction and Whang steered me towards his Chocolate Merveilleux.

I audibly “oohed” when he took the culinary marvel from the glass case. Cocoa nibs and tempered chocolate squares accent this breathtaking chocolate confection. Hoping for just a taste, Whang offered up a miniature version to sample; a brilliant combination of flavors and textures: chocolate mousse, cocoa meringue, and creamy ganache.

A marvelous Merveilleux it was, but I didn’t stop there. Platters of macarons, madeleines, canneles, and pavlova tempted, but a simple and perfect chocolate cream puff had my name on it. Despite the careful and elegant packaging, needless to say, it didn’t make it home.


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