Hungry Root: Fun With Food


For those that would rather skip the groceries AND the prep, but crave a healthy meal at home, Hungry Root is your answer. The folks behind this delivery are as crazy about spiraling as we are (and if you haven’t laid out the $19.99 at Williams Sonoma Outlet yet, we say spring for it)! This isn’t your run of the mill box plan, here you order a la carte from the website and there’s no bother about canceling if you want to. We were fascinated by the offerings in our box when it arrived. Someone is having a lot of fun with food! You’ll find plenty of colorful veggies dolloped with unique sauces, to microwave or not. Sweet Potato Noodles with Creamy Cashew Alfredo, and Carrot Noodles with Tangy Sriracha Peanut sauce? Yes, please! I found myself sneaking into the fridge for just one more spoonful of the Sweet Potato Cacao Mousse, a dairy free alternative to the sinful version (67% less fat and 50% less calories than traditional chocolate mousse). Next time I’ll be adding Maple Chickpea Pancake Batter to my cart (and maybe some Coconut Frosting!). If you’re avoiding dairy or gluten, you’ll have no trouble here. We give them an A+ for ingenuity.

Try Hungry Root and use code elist15 for 15% off through 2/28/16. 

Good to know: main dishes (a hefty 12 ounce portion) are between $6 and $12, and free shipping is provided for orders over $50. Or try the sampler pack with eight customer favorites plus free shipping for $56. Their proprietary packaging maintains freshness for 8 days.

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