Indoor/Outdoor Slip-Ons


I’m having back surgery in January (I know; yikes!), and I’ve been on the hunt for a cozy slip-on sneaker/shoe hybrid that works indoors or out. Lucky for me, this seems to be the year for them, as I’ve found a bunch of cool options. Any of these would make a great gift, too (enough Ugg slippers already!). 

1. Billabong Vegan leather-lined, rubber-soled mules: $55.95 

2. Gola Mule Sneaker with water-resistant nylon upper and rubber sole: $85

3. Everlane Recycled Polyester Indoor/Outdoor Sherpa Mule:  $65

4. Shearling lined-Birkenstocks: $165

5. Madewell All Week Slipper with jersey lining, puffy nylon upper and rubber soles: $59.50

6. Yup, they’re back in style! Cozy lined crocs: $59.99

7. Teva Sleeping Bag Sneaker with collapsible heel: $75 

8. North Face water-resistant, fleece-lined, insulated slipper shoes with high traction soles: $55


Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links which means we will get paid a very small amount of money if you choose to purchase one of the items. It does not change the price for you.