Introducing Eldercare Solutions 


Ellen Madere is one of the most connected and savvy people I know. I’ve written about her here and her magical organizing skills through her company Ellen Gets It Done. What’s new and noteworthy is she’s expanded her offerings and launched Eldercare Solutions. As more of her clientele either needed help with their aging parents (or themselves), she’s teamed up with Physical Therapist Terry Davidson to offer services specifically designed to ease the burdens of aging.

After assessing the client’s individual needs, the pair can provide anything from matching 24-hour caregivers to clients, home modification solutions, and coordinating medical care and essential systems so older folks can stay safely and comfortably in their homes.

Other smart services include creating boxes with everything one would need if their partner or parent passed (think bank account numbers, credit card passwords, investments, friends to call) to organizing and selling off entire estates, assessing artworks, books, and other possessions, culling possessions and arranging for sale or donation, and editing and digitizing family photos.

Ellen and Terry are willing to do the nitty-gritty (culling libraries, hiring auction houses, or junk removal) and hand-hold when necessary. For those that don’t have family nearby, they’ll even check in with caregivers unannounced to make sure things are running smoothly and report back to the family.

As more and more of my friends are grappling with the how-tos of discussing these transitions with their parents, I know how much a service like this can help ease anxiety and tamp down emotions. Whether you or your parents are down-sizing, stream-lining, or don’t know where to start, Ellen and Terry will get it done.

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