JodiFit, Branford


By Olivia Foster

Upfront I’ll let you know that I am not a gym rat. So, it was with some trepidation that I decided to sign up for the Body Pump class at JodiFit, a boutique fitness studio in Branford. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I imagined a place with a lot of weights, intimidating equipment and people that could easily lift me over their head. But, what I thought would be painful and overwhelming 60 minutes turned out to be a fun and invigorating workout.   

Stepping into Jodifit you are met by a welcome area with a clean and modern decor. One side contains an array of studio merchandise and gear, while a bench with cubbies for your personal belongings occupies the other. One of two rooms off of the reception area is a private room dedicated to personal training sessions. The other is where a variety of group exercise classes are held.

I walked in for the 9 am Body Pump class, and I was immediately greeted by owner and instructor, Jodi Harrison, a two-time world fitness champion, as well as a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. The class consisted of repeated movements with light to moderate weights, ultimately providing my entire body with a complete workout. With music thumping, Jodi led the class, taking the time to provide each of us with the personal instruction needed to maximize our workout. Following the beat of each song, we repeated various positions to the count of 2, 4, or 8. We used weights off and on as we cycled through various positions including lunges, crunches, squats, deadlifts, dips, bench-presses and planks.

At the end of the session, I welcomed the cool down period of stretching with open arms. An added bonus was the Isagenix post-workout protein shake (available for purchase) Jodi made for me, replenishing my energy.

As mentioned from the onset, I was intimidated at the prospect of taking a class that had the word “weights” in its description. However, with Jodi’s encouragement and personal attention, I grew more confident and ultimately felt empowered after concluding the workout. Though my body will be extremely sore in the coming days, I know it will greatly benefit from the overall new gym experience.

Classes: Body Pump, Spin, Barre, Pound, Boxing, Circuit Training

Schedule: Early morning classes, with one evening class (sign up online beforehand)

Atmosphere: Friendly, welcoming & personal (Bathroom and cubbies available)

Price: Single Class ($25), 5 Class Pack ($90), 10 Class Pack ($170), 15 Class Pack ($240)

Extras: Personal Training (contact Jodi for details), Yoga Workshops, Isagenix workout powders and shakes available

1208 Main St. in Branford

jodi fit

Photos below by JodiFit