Knipschildt’s Chocolates

Lucky for me, I grew up within walking distance of Harvard Square and Bailey’s Ice Cream Parlour. My family, including our dog, was addicted to Bailey’s rich chocolate or mocha almond ice cream. Their sundaes were heavenly, a small metal dish barely restraining the melting ice cream, gooey hot fudge and clots of whipped cream. (While Bailey’s is long gone, here’s the recipe for their famous fudge sauce.)
Winter weather doesn’t deter Cantabrigians from pursuing their favorite treat. In February, you could find me and my sisters at Bailey’s, noses pressed against the candy case, ogling the giant selection of red boxes stuffed with vanilla creams, cherry cordials, chocolate caramels and all manner of classic bon bons. We dreamed of the day when we’d be presented with our very own heart-shaped box.
Sadly, I never got one, but this handcrafted box of artisanal truffles from Connecticut’s favorite chocolatier, Knipschildt, will suffice. Packed with twenty-three assorted truffles, it’s available in limited quantities at Given for $40. The girls at Given are happy to make up a box for you from their curated assortment of the best candies available: Faschia’s of Waterbury, CT,  Moonstruck from Oregon and my personal fixation: Fran’s gray-salted, dark chocolate caramels. And just until Valentine’s Day, limited edition cupcakes from the elusive Elegant Occasion are available.