Life-Changing Lunch With Brigaid


I’m sure you all know how much I love writing The E List and visiting all the restaurants, shops, and services on the Shoreline. But what really makes me happy is when I can use the list to HELP.

If you read my article on Brigaid last year, or attended a community dinner at Bennie Dover Jackson School in New London, you probably know how passionate I am about this effort to change the way children eat in the public schools. Dan Giusti, an executive chef hailing from NOMA (considered the best restaurant in the WORLD), has chosen New London to launch his campaign to serve children wholesome meals from fresh ingredients.

BRIGAID, the non-profit Dan started, has been training chefs and serving up scratch-made breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily to 3900 New London children since 2016. A new partnership with New York City Public schools will begin service in the Bronx in 2018.

As always, in enormous efforts like this one, money is tight. Hence, this extremely exciting fundraising effort is underway:

Dan Giusti has invited TEN of the best chefs in the world (yup, you read that right), for a school lunch throw-down, and you can come! For only $50 you can enjoy a chef-prepared school lunch and help fund this important program. There are other bennies, too: chef dinners, cookbooks, and an afterparty for you to consider on the indie-go-go fundraising site.

So PLEASE, gather your friends and family and have lunch with me on Saturday, June 2nd at Bennie Dover Jackson School in New London. This is such a fun and easy way to support Brigaid’s efforts to transform the way schools serve meals to America’s school children.

Get details, see who the chefs are, and buy tickets (or get a group together and grab a table for 8 for $320!) here.