An Introduction to Mary Maguire Art


Artist Mary Maguire came about her Insta-fame in a roundabout way. Her resume includes a degree from RISD, stints at Conde Nast (and according to Mary, Anna Wintour is not a devil) and the New Yorker, before moving to the Shoreline and reinventing herself as an antique art dealer. When original art became challenging to find, Mary turned her talents to painting her own pieces and slotting them in antique frames. The images of ancient sailing vessels, birds, and flowers in a modern color palette were an instant hit.

But here’s where the intersection of art and business lies. There are plenty of talented artists who struggle endlessly because they just can’t manage the marketing of their work.

An early adopter of Instagram, Mary started posting her pieces to the platform. The images were “liked,” shared, and purchased straight off the feed. Her followers snowballed to the 11K she now boasts, and her career has taken off.

The works are available as original art, or as customizable high-quality Giclee prints that she produces and frames in her studio in Hadlyme. She matches the print to her stash of antique frames and voila! You’ve got an instant gallery wall (the “lovers eye,” as an assemblage is extremely popular), or a single piece for that bare spot.

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Lovers Eye by Mary Maguire

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