My Capsule Wardrobe


The handy thing about being a grown-up is you generally are no longer testing out your personal style. You know what works for your body type and probably wear a version of the same outfit most days. I definitely do. I feel most comfortable and put together in jeans or slim trousers, a tee that doesn’t grab me around the waist (a bit of a problem area!) but fits elsewhere, and a great blazer or cardigan. Even my dressier outfits are some version of this. And the reason is simple. I feel like it looks good on me and I don’t think about what I’m wearing, basically, ever. 

Like most women, I’ve got a closet full of clothes, but many would be surprised that it’s not jam-packed. I’m not the girl who believes if you haven’t worn it in a year, give it away. I keep the good stuff, but weed out regularly; tired tees, old jeans, pilled-beyond-rescue sweaters. Every season I end up with a small collection of items I wear day in and day out. Here’s what I’m wearing now:

1. 3 x 1 Jeans: I love a clean jean and these straight legs are your new skinnies. Fitted through the knee with a straight leg and dark wash, this quality pair is so stretchy and comfy, you’ll reach for them daily. Nice to know, they’re made in the U.S. from Italian denim and they do NOT bag out. Also available in a medium blue and black. 

2. See U Soon Plaid Jacket: I like to incorporate a fun piece and a blazer is my go-to. This one, from French Line See U Soon is well-priced, well made and (weirdly) the green, blue, black plaid works back to everything in my wardrobe.

3. ATM Cotton Slub Tee: My absolute favorite tee. Fits well in the shoulders and bust, and is easy around the tummy and extra long, with a ragged on-trend hem. It’s an expensive tee, but a lasting one and you’ll wear it ALL THE TIME (and possibly even to bed!).

4. Miansai Necklaces: I discovered this collection of charm necklaces in Miami and am rarely without one of these (or several as they are meant to layer) around my neck. This one is my personal favorite, The Test of Time.

5. Fabrizio Gianni Stretch Pants: An essential everyday trouser that’s perfect for travel, in a techno fabric that will not make you sweat! Wash and wear; throw them in the machine and they come out exactly like new. 

6. Wool Scarf: it’s nice to wind some color around your neck and we’ve got a rack of scarves that will do just that. Prints, as they say, are personal, but I favor a watercolor floral. We’ve got these, plus abstracts and hand-painted cashmere. Plenty of patterns to choose from.

7. Minnie Rose Boxy Cashmere Crew: everyone needs a bit of bright in their closet and this works for me. A reddish-orange 100% cashmere in the shape of the season (and not as cropped as it looks, it covers the waistband of your jeans. Works well with a tee peeking out of the hem, too.

If you haven’t quite figured out your personal style or need a hand creating a capsule wardrobe you can depend on, I’m happy to help. We’ve got a store full of lovely things that work for every body type. Email me: erica@theelist.com.


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