Mystic Zen Healing Jewelry

My yoga teacher gave me this pretty bracelet. Crafted from tourmaline and hemp, it’s meant to reduce anxiety, increase energy levels, strengthen the immune system and improve brain alertness in the wearer. Well, that would be AWESOME! For those that believe in the healing properties of gemstones, and even those that don’t, check out Mystic Zen Healing Jewelry. These handmade bracelets made from natural stones and hemp are the perfect gift. Choose turquoise as a symbol of friendship, sodalite promotes inner peace, jade attracts prosperity (also useful for kidney issues!), abalone stimulates creativity, red coral absorbs negative energy. I’ll take one of each! They’re ridiculously well-priced (from $15 to $20 each) and come boxed with a card that describes the healing properties. So, stock up for yourself and all your friends and heal the world! Made in Mystic by Tania Tyler, see the entire collection and  shop online here.