New Year, New ME!


What’s a new year without a few resolutions? Thinking perhaps my own behavior could use a tiny adjustment, I bravely asked my husband what I do that drives him crazy. Here’s what he said: I never screw on the caps. Toothpaste, laundry detergent, milk carton. Seriously? He’s afraid to hurt my feelings. I KNOW I have plenty of habits that drive him nuts. For example: I’m a heavy walker (especially annoying when he’s trying to sleep in). My driving. My inability to eat a reasonable portion of popcorn. My brain always defaulting to the worst possible outcome for any situation. My desire to have a nice, long chitchat on the phone while he’s at work. My ridiculously thin skin. But these things aren’t so easily remedied. I do think I can stick to a new year’s resolution of replacing caps. I’ve even found a lovely app that will send me a daily reminder: (according to most experts it takes twenty-one days to make a new habit stick). Also on my resolution list: I’m considering organizing the files on my computer with help from Lifehacker. Maybe I’ll give Veganism a go with this 7-day Challenge. Perhaps Paleo? Check in here: Whole 30. Or I can find new healthy recipes at I vow to crack a few “real” books in 2014 and I’ll find personalized recommendations at There are tons of opportunities to do good at I’ll get inspiration from and clean out my closets with In a few months, I’ll check my progress. This site will send an email to my future perfect self: