The Next Step: Equine Therapy


Life has become a never-ending onslaught of information from a slew of sources. And lately, it’s been more bad than good. Grit seems to be the buzzword of the day; that one thing you need to get through the grind. But resilience is what gets you grit. And how to develop more of it? We’ve discovered an unusual program in Lyme. Patty Ganey and Jonnie Edwards have launched The Next Step, providing equine-assisted resilience and emotional agility sessions. We sent The E List team member, Erin, over to check it out.
Horses are hyper-vigilant animals, detecting the slightest sound, smell, or movement, and can sense the emotions and intentions of those around them. This psychological mirroring provides instant feedback to the participant. During a four-hour session, spent with her horse (there is no riding involved) and in the classroom, Erin focused on building strength and bypassing self-sabotaging walls that prevent her from reaching her full potential. Jonnie and Patty, both certified therapeutic riding instructors, provide a safe and supportive environment that allows participants to reach their customized goals at their own pace. The program is intended to guide you through life transitions, boost self-esteem, learn clear communication methods, and rebuild relationships. Whether you’re experiencing a major life change or feel stuck in neutral, The Next Step can help you move past challenges and transition into happiness and success. Riders reap the emotional benefits of the bond with their horse; now non-riders can, too.

the next step